Zero Box Lodge – Coimbra


The building originally from 1937 has a classic and sober exterior and here used to work an old garage, car shop and gas station. It’s situated in Coimbra city centre, on Mondego river front, inside UNESCO protected heritage area. Due to its location represents a major role in Coimbra landscape appearance.   This type of… Continue a ler Zero Box Lodge – Coimbra

Zero Box Lodge – Porto


In Porto, northern Portugal, an alternative accommodation experience took over an 1883 building previously homed the mythical shirt factory – “Confiança” – also where the first film was shot in Portugal by Aurelio da Paz dos Reis, in 1896, which depicts the workers leaving the factory on Rua de Santa Catarina.   This alternative experience… Continue a ler Zero Box Lodge – Porto

Mainside Office

This project consists of the adaptation of two fractions destined for offices inserted in the condominium ‘Terraços de Bragança’ designed by the architect Siza Vieira in the center of Lisbon. Two open space with little sun exposure through windows facing only Rua do Alecrim.   We quickly realized that the compartments that we needed to… Continue a ler Mainside Office