Mainside Office

This project consists of the adaptation of two fractions destined for offices inserted in the condominium ‘Terraços de Bragança’ designed by the architect Siza Vieira in the center of Lisbon.
Two open space with little sun exposure through windows facing only Rua do Alecrim.


We quickly realized that the compartments that we needed to build for the different needs of the space should be as rationalized as possible so that it doesn’t stop the progression of natural lighting to the areas furthest from the windows.
Instead of proceeding with the construction of walls, we opted to create shelves (cabinets) that simultaneously compartmentalized the rooms and served as office storage.
These shelves are quite wide in order to open more light through them.


Along with these shelves, two large glass panels were also created. The artist Diogo Muñoz was invited to paint over them two murals.


Finally, it was decided not to create any false ceiling in order to maximize the interior height of all rooms. In this way the infrastructures were reduced to the maximum and a projection of polyurethane foam was made on the structural base of the ceiling itself – assuming the presence of technical elements.